Pilot Test for New Materials

Center of Pilot Test for New Materials is engaged in the development, pilot-plant test, and engineering technology development of advanced inorganic materials. The inorganic materials involved mainly include artificial crystals, energy storage batteries, oxide fibers, etc. The center focuses on creating "Chinese brand" crystals with the artificial materials of BGO, TeO2, CsI, PbF2, LYSO, BaF2, CeF3, and mica developed by this center enjoy a high reputation at home and abroad. It has the capabilities of crystal engineering preparation, processing, and device assembly,mainly being used in high energy physics, nuclear physics, nuclear medicine, security inspection, anti-smuggling, and geological exploration. The center also focuses on the cutting-edge and disruptive direction of chemical energy storage and develops new energy storage technologies with the main characteristics of green environmental protection, high safety, long life, and high specific energy.

The center currently has eight research groups/project groups, 90 scientific researchers and engineering technicians.

Director:Yu Liu

Deputy Director:Jun Fang,Dongzhou Ding,Yinnan Jia

List of Research Groups:

(1) Advanced Crystals and Devices for Radiation Detection 

Group Leader:Dong Wang

Deputy Group Leader:Haihong Ni, Junfeng Chen, Yun Li

(2) TeO2 Crystals and Devices 

Group Leader:Yong Zhu

(3) CsI Crystals and Devices 

Group Leader:Xiaofeng Chen

(4) Crystal Processing 

Group Leader:Hongshu Wu

(5) Precious Metals Processing 

Group Leader:Zhenghong Shen

(6) Laboratory of Rare Earth Oxide Scintillation Crystals 

Group Leader:Dongzhou Ding

(7) Oxide Ceramics Fibers 

Group Leader:Jina Yan

Deputy Group Leader:Zhuang Kang

(8) Electrical Energy Storage and Application 

Group Leader:Yu Liu