The Frontier Department

The Frontier Department of the State Key Laboratory of High-Performance Ceramics and Superfine Microstructures takes multi-scale structural design and regulation of inorganic non-metallic materials as its main line of research, focusing on key scientific issues such as material design theory, structure-performance relationship, physical/chemical properties, and preparation of material synthesis, exploring new phenomena, new features, and new materials. It has successively deployed cutting-edge research on ceramic matrix composite materials, new energy materials, environmental purification materials, biomedical materials, plastic ceramics, and integrated computational materials science. There are currently seven research groups, six independent PIs, and a total of 110 scientific researchers and technical staffs.

Director:Xun Shi

Deputy Director:Hangrong Chen, Jianjun Liu

List of Research Groups:  

(1) Mesoporous and Low-Dimensional Nanomaterials 

Group Leader:Jianlin Shi

Deputy Group Leader:Lingxia Zhang  

(2) Thermoelectric Materials and Devices 

Group Leader:Xun Shi

Deputy Group Leader:Shengqiang Bai  

(3) Photovoltaic Materials and Devices 

Group Leader:Hui Bi

Deputy Group Leader:Yufeng Tang  

(4) Porous and Functional Nanomaterials Group 

Group Leader:Hangrong Chen   

(5) Nano Functional Materials for Photocatalysts and Flexible Electronics 

Group Leader:Jing Sun

Deputy Group Leader:Ranran Wang, Xiaofeng  Xie 

(6) Research Group of Environmental Functional Materials 

Group Leader:Wenzhong Wang  

(7) PI Zhiguo Yi  

(8) PI Hui  Li 

(9) PI Zhengyang Zhou 

(10) PI Jiawei  Zhang 

(11) Integrated Computational Materials Research Center 

Group Leader:Lidong Chen 

(12) Computational Electrochemistry Research 

Group Leader:Jianjun Liu 

(13) PI Yiyang Sun 

(14) PI Jian Huang