Information Functional Materials and Devices

Center of Information Functional Materials and Devices is mainly engaged in applied basic research and high-tech product development of advanced inorganic functional materials and devices. The main research areas include ferroelectric ceramic materials and devices, special glass and microwave dielectric materials, semiconductor-sensitive ceramics, pyroelectric ceramics, multilayer ceramic technology, passive integrated devices, microstructure characterization of inorganic materials, etc. There are currently five research groups, one independent PI, and more than 70 scientific researchers and engineering technicians. 

Director:Gengshui Wang

Deputy Director:Zhifu Liu, Huixing Lin, Huarong  Zeng

List of research groups: 

(1) Ferroelectric Ceramics and Device 

Group leader:Gengshui Wang

(2) Piezoelectric Ceramics and Device 

Group leader:Ruihong Liang

(3) Physics of Functional Ceramic Materials and Device

Group leader:Guorong Li

(4) Special Glasses and Microwave Dielectric Materials

Group leader:Huixing Lin

(5) Passive Integrated Devices and Materials

Group leader:Zhifu Liu

(6) PI Nan Ma