The Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (SICCAS) is among the pioneer institutions in China to initiate postgraduate enrollments, having admitted over 3,000 postgraduate students to date. The Institute specializes in major disciplines such as Material Science & Engineering and Chemistry and provides a full-time professional degree in Materials and Chemical Engineering. Presently, there are 167 appointed instructors, of which 92 hold doctoral advisor positions, overseeing 818 enrolled postgraduate students. To guide students in their course selection and impart foundational knowledge for scientific research, SICCAS has developed an extensive database of high-quality master's courses. As part of the curriculum, four doctoral courses including "Advanced Inorganic Material Science & Engineering," and 14 master's courses such as "Semiconductor Physics" and "Fundamentals of Material Preparation Science" have been established. An annual assessment is conducted for all postgraduates to evaluate their academic and research progress. The results of this assessment play a crucial role in determining the recipients of merit scholarships for the subsequent year. SICCAS annually implements the "Postgraduate Scientific Innovation Achievement Cultivation Plan," offering financial assistance to promising candidates and supporting their participation in international academic events. To bolster the English academic communication skills of our postgraduate students, an English Academic Exchange Seminar is organized every semester. Additionally, seminars focusing on fostering innovative capabilities and honing English technical writing skills are regularly scheduled. SICCAS actively organizes and endorses various commendation initiatives, achieving excellent results and effectively enhancing the quality of postgraduate evaluations. Some of the awards received include the "Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award," "CAS President's Special Award," "CAS President's Excellence Award," "Zhu Liyuehua Outstanding Doctoral Student Award," "Outstanding Supervisor Award," "Baogang Scholarship," "Yan Dongsheng Scholarship," "National Scholarship," distinctions for model students, excellent student leaders, and outstanding graduates at the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, as well as honors for exceptional graduates within Beijing and Shanghai municipalities. Moreover, SICCAS annually conducts international experience sharing sessions, providing invaluable insights for students keen on studying abroad or attending international conferences. Supporting the employment of our postgraduates is a priority for SICCAS. We disseminate various job opportunities, organize employment information sessions from various enterprises and institutions, and facilitate interactions with alumni who share their employment experiences. Impressively, all our graduates have secured placements in recent years: 62% in enterprises, 11% in research institutes or public sectors, 15% as post-doctoral researchers, 4% studying abroad, and 7% in academic institutions. Lastly, SICCAS ensures a comprehensive environment for postgraduates by providing well-equipped facilities for learning, sports, recreation, and accommodation, underscored by a specialized postgraduate dormitory.