Inorganic Coating Materials

The main objective of the Center is to study the application basics and engineering technology of special inorganic coating materials. In order to address the pressing need for special inorganic coating materials in major national projects as well as in people's daily lives and health, we focus on studying the multi-scale design of coating materials, material’s coating preparation processes, interface structure control, coating material’s extreme environmental service behavior and mechanisms, etc. Our research is primarily centered around five key areas, including spacecraft thermal control coating materials, special protective coating materials, special functional coating materials, biomedical coating materials, and coating material’s service behavior characterization. Our research center has established two research groups, comprising 62 scientific researchers and technicians.

Director:Yun Yu

Deputy Director:Xuebin Zheng

List of Research Groups: 

(1) Thermal control coating research group 

Group Leader:Lixin Song

Deputy leader:Yun Yu, Yunzhen Cao, Tao  Zhang

(2) Plasma spraying research group

Group Leader:Xuebin Zheng