Transparent Ceramics

Center of Transparent Ceramics was established in January 2016, mainly engaged in research on the preparation of transparent ceramics and their applications in the fields of optics and photonics. Transparent Ceramics is a new research direction of the Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Science (SICCAS), following Structural Ceramics and Functional Ceramics. In recent years, in response to major needs from solid-state lasers, optical windows, scintillation detection, magneto-optical isolation, electro-optical modulation, and semiconductor lighting, our center has focused on different ceramic materials such as garnet, spinel, sesquioxide, alumina, zirconia, aluminum nitride, etc. Extensive research works comprising the synthesis of high-purity powders synthesis, novel colloidal-based forming method, 3D-printing technology, densification, microstructure control, and the mechanism of optical loss in transparent ceramics have been carried out in our center. Recently, major efforts of the center have been paid to developing high optical quality ceramics with large size/complex shapes for optical windows, laser gain media, ceramic scintillators, electro-optical/magneto-optical ceramics, and luminescent ceramics for solid-state lighting.

Director:Jian Zhang

Deputy Director:Guohong Zhou,Jiang Li

List of Research Groups: 

(1) Oxide Transparent Ceramics Group

Group Leader:Shiwei Wang

Deputy Group Leader: Jian Zhang  

(2) Optical Ceramics and Composites Group 

Group Leader:Shiwei Wang

Deputy Group Leader:Guohong Zhou

(3) Transparent and Optic-l-functional Ceramics Group 

Group Leader:Jiang Li