Artificial Crystal

The artificial crystal research center is mainly engaged in basic research on functional crystal growth theory and engineering technology R&D. Focusing on the demand for artificial crystal materials in national major projects, strategic emerging industries, and other fields, we have laid out basic research on artificial crystals with ultra-large dimensions, extreme performance, and ultra-low defects, focusing on crystal theoretical design and first principles calculation, crystal growth process simulation, in-situ observation of crystal growth process, and fine characterization of crystal microstructure and defects. We have focused on the research of crystal growth, crystal processing, and characterization techniques for lasers and nonlinear optical crystals, scintillation crystals, wide bandgap semiconductors, high-temperature piezoelectric crystals, and relaxation ferroelectric crystals. There are seven research groups/ Project teams with 54 scientific researchers and engineering technicians.

Director:Xuechao Liu

Deputy Director:Yuntao Wu, Haikuan Kong

List of Research Groups: 

(1) Lasers and Nonlinear Optical Crystal Research Group 

Group Leader:Liangbi Su

Deputy Group Leader: Dapeng Jiang

(2) Space Materials and Application Technology Research Group 

Group Leader:Xuechao Liu

Deputy Group Leader:Minghui Zhang

(3) Halide Scintillation Crystal Research Group 

Group Leader:Yuntao Wu

(4) Oxide Scintillation Crystal Research Group 

Group Leader:Hui Yuan

(5) Ferroelectric and Piezoelectric Crystal Research Group 

Group Leader:Guisheng Xu

(6) Silicon Carbide Crystal Project Team 

Group Leader:Haikuan Kong

(7) Relaxation Ferroelectric Crystals and Devices Research Group 

Group Leader:Jie Jiao

Deputy group leader:Xian Wang