Energy Materials

Center of Energy Materials is mainly engaged in basic research, applied basic research, device construction, and engineering technology research and development of advanced functional materials related to new energy. Focusing on the research fields of solid-state rechargeable battery materials and devices, electrochemical energy storage materials and devices, green optoelectronic conversion technology, light metal-based battery systems and materials, hydrogen energy materials and devices, fuel cell materials, and systems, etc., the center has laid out strategic emerging directions such as solid-state batteries, solar cells, fluorine-based batteries, electrocatalytic hydrogen production, metal-air batteries, sodium-ion batteries, and solid oxide fuel cells. There are currently five research groups and 40 scientific researchers and engineering technicians.

Director:Zhaoyin Wen

Deputy Director:Tao Zhang, Songwang Yang

List of Research Groups: 

(1) Rechargeable Solid-state Batteries Research Group

Group Leader:Zhaoyin Wen

Deputy Group Leader:Xiangwei Wu  

(2) Electrochemical Energy Storage Materials and Devices Research Group 

Group Leader:Tao Zhang   

(3) Eco-Photoelectric Technology Research

Group Leader:Songwang Yang  

(4) Light Metal-based Battery Systems and Materials Research Group 

 Group Leader:Chilin Li    

(5) Hydrogen Energy Materials and Devices Research Group 

Group Leader:Xianying Wang