Ancient Ceramics and Industrial Ceramics

Center of Ancient Ceramics and Industrial Ceramics was established in 2010. 

The purpose of Center of Industrial Ceramics Engineering is to inherit Chinese civilization and explore new applications of energy-saving materials. In terms of ancient ceramics research, it undertakes the national research and protection work on ancient ceramics and silicate eggs and builds a national team in the field of ancient ceramics research and a national team in the field of new types of ceramics. In terms of research on photothermal regulation smart materials, to build a green and sustainable society, research and break through the key technologies of dynamic smart regulation materials and devices (thermal/electro/photo-chromism, etc.), and expand the integrated military and civilian applications. The center currently has a research and development team composed of three professors, four visiting professors who are well-known overseas scholars, eleven employees, and nearly 30 master and Ph.D students.

Deputy Director:Xun Cao

List of Research Groups: 

(1) Ancient Ceramics  Group 

Group Leader:Xiaoke Lu

(2) Research Group of Smart Materials for Energy Modulation 

Group Leader:Xun Cao

(3) Silicates Cultural Heritage Conservation research group 

Group Leader:Jing Zhao