The Editorial Team of Materials Horizons Visited Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

On October 31, 2023, the Shanghai Institute of Ceramics (SICCAS) hosted visitors from Materials Horizons and the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC). Dr. Michaela Muehlberg (Executive Editor of RSC Materials Series Journals), Prof. Martina Stenzel (Chair of the editorial board of Materials Horizons), and Prof. Guoping Chen (Scientific Editor of Materials Horizons) visited the Changning Campus of SICCAS and presented a series of lectures. Prof. Chengtie Wu (Vice-President of the Shanghai Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences), Prof. Lidong Chen (Director of State Key Laboratory of High Performance Ceramics and Ultra Structure, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics), Prof. Jiang Chang, Mrs. Juan Wang (Foreign Affairs, SICCAS), and Profs. Yufang Zhu, Zhiguang Huan, Hongxu Lu, etc., attended this academic event.

Conference opening ceremony

At the beginning, Prof. Wu delivered a welcome speech for the visitors on behalf of SICCAS. He welcomed the editors and experts of the RSC series journals and briefly introduced the composition, research strength, and research teams of the institute.

Professor Wu Chengtie introduced SICCAS.

Prof. Martina Stenzel, Unversity of New South Wales, renowned in functional nanomaterials design and nanomedicine, gave a lecture on “Glycopolymers for drug delivery: Opportunities and challenges”. She introduced a wide range of sugar-based polymeric materials and the design technique of sugar-based targeting delivery systems. The excellent lecture elucidated the opportunities and challenges of glycopolymers for drug delivery.


Professor Martina Stenzel’s presentation.

Prof. Guoping Chen is a well-known scholar in biomaterials and tissue engineering. In his talk, he discussed the latest progress in the fields of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. He introduced the recent progress in designing 3D porous scaffolds, tumor elimination/tissue regeneration bi-functional scaffolds, and the development of nano and biomimetic biomaterials. His excellent lecture showed us the development trend and application prospects in scaffolds for tissue engineering.


Professor Guoping Chen’s presentation.

Finally, Dr. Michaela Muehlberg presented a lecture on the publishing process with RSC Materials Series Journals. She shared the paper processing tips of the RSC Materials Series Journals, especially Materials Horizons. Also, she shared her own experience and advice in academic publishing, providing valuable guidance and inspiration to the audience.


Dr. Michaela Muehlberg shared her experience in publishing with the RSC series journals.

In addition, Dr. Michaela Muehlberg expressed great appreciation to Prof Chang for his excellent work and dedication to the Journal of Materials Chemistry B and RSC.


Dr. Michaela Muehlberg thanked Professor Jiang Chang for this contribution to RSC. 

This event garnered the interest and active involvement of researchers and students from SICCAS. The presentations delivered by the three scholars were informative, greatly benefiting the audience. They shared their latest research advances and experiences, offering valuable guidance and suggestions. This event is also a part of the celebration activities for the 10th anniversary of Materials Horizons by the Royal Society of Chemistry. It provided an excellent platform for fostering academic exchange and collaboration, thereby contributing to the advancement and innovation in materials research.


The live image of the conference.