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The special glasses and microwave dielectrics research group is one of the four research groups belonging to the research center for information functional materials and devices. The research interests of this group are mainly focused on special glass materials and microwave dielectric ceramics, including different kind of oxide glass-ceramics, IR transmission sulphide glasses, borosilicate sealing glasses, borate glasses for low temperature co-fired ceramics (LTCC) application, and microwave dielectric ceramics with series of dielectric constants and high quality factor values.

The group is equipped with various modern testing and analysis instruments, such as NETZSCH Dilatometer 402C, NETZSCH DSC 404C, THETA Rheotronic II, THETA Rheotronic III, Agilent Network Analyzer E8362, Instron Tukon 2100B micro hardness tester, Shimadzu ultraviolet and visible light spectrometer UV-2450 and Shimadzu IR spectrometer FTIR-8400S. The group also has full sets of processing facilities for glass and ceramic samples fabrication. The group headed by professor Luo Lan consists of 17 people, including 2 Professors, 1 Assistant Professor, 4 Senior Engineers, 2 senior technicians, 1 technician, 3 workers, 2 PhD students and 2 master students.

In recent years, the group has undertaken several important research and development work projects, and important achievements have been obtained in the research fields mentioned above. Some new glass-ceramic and microwave dielectric materials have been developed and successfully applied in national key-engineering projects. More than 50 papers have been published on the domestic and international academic journals, and 5 Chinese patents have been authorized. A prize for science and technology issued by Shanghai Municipality was awarded to the group in 2007.

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