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Thermal control coating group
Group leader: Prof. Lixin Song  E-mail: lxsong@mail.sic.ac.cn
Deputy leader: Prof. Jun Le  E-mail: lejun@mail.sic.ac.cn
Prof. Yunzhen Cao      E-mail: yzcao@mail.sic.ac.cn
Prof. Yun Yu          E-mail: yunyush@mail.sic.ac.cn
Brief instruction :

Since the preparation of the fist satellite “Dong Fang Hong 1” in 1960’s, the group has assumed the investigation and preparation task of almost all the type of the space craft of our country. More than 60 thermal control coatings of different types for the spacecraft in the last 40 years, in which the electrochemistry thermal control coating, doped thermal control coating, film thermal control coating and high temperature anti-oxidization coating are included. The lab is provided with advanced technical equipment for the preparation of coating materials, optical and thermal testing, and the equipment for the space environment simulation testing. Nearly 20 testing method for the coating materials and the for the thermal performance testing have been established as the technical standard by the nation or the Aerospace Science and Technology Group No.5 and No.8 institute. More than 60 research achievements have been awarded by the nation  or some ministries and Shanghai administration. And what’s more, at least 100 papers have been published on domestic and overseas scientific journals or conference.

Research field:
  • Research on window construction materials and coating materials for space probe
  • Research materials and process for inorganic thermal coating
  • Research on optical film materials based on film design
  • Research on anti-laser coating materials
  • Research on anti-oxidation coating materials at high temperature
  • Research on high temperature, high radiance thermal preventing coating materials
  • Research on anisotropic temperature-resistant multilayer leading coating
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