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 Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (SICCAS) was originated from the Engineering Institute of National Central Academy, founded in 1928. In 1959, the Institute of Metallurgy and Ceramics, CAS was separated into two independent institutes, to which the ceramic part was reformed as Shanghai Institute of Ceramic Chemistry and Engineering, CAS, and then was renamed as Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, CAS since the year of 1984. After several decades of development, SICCAS is devoted to the study on “Advanced Inorganic Materials Science and Technology” as her research orientation, having become a comprehensive institute with basic research as pioneer, and with hi-tech materials innovation, applied research and development as main body.

SICCAS now has about 630 staff members, with more than 400 scientific researchers, 2 academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 3 academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and 124 graduate student tutors (66 Ph.D tutors and 58 Master tutors).

In SICCAS, there are State Key Laboratory of High Performance Ceramics and Superfine Microstructure, Key Laboratory of Inorganic Coating Materials, CAS, Structural Ceramics and Composites Engineering Research Center, Research Center for Information Functional Materials and Devices, Key Laboratory of Energy Conversion Materials, Key Laboratory of Transparent Opto-functional Inorganic Materials, Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Research Center, Ancient Ceramics and Industrial Ceramics Research Center. Besides, there are three technical supporting centers, namely the R&D Center focusing on industrialization of research results and production of hi-tech products, and the Analysis and Testing Center for Inorganic Materials and the Information Center.

SICCAS, a leader of high-tech materials and components research in China, focuses on the studies of the advanced inorganic materials science and engineering, such as functional ceramics, special glasses, artificial crystals, inorganic coatings and composites, etc.

Over the years, awards totals 780, including 45 national awards, 337 awards from ministries and provinces and 398 other awards. What’s more, SICCAS has been granted more than 300 patents, and the number of the published papers ranks among top 10 institutes in China.

SICCAS enjoys advanced scientific research conditions. The campuses take on a new look by large-scale of re-construction, and a lot of modern equipment have been imported with the support of national knowledge-innovation funds. The National Analysis and Testing Center for Inorganic Materials was established which promotes the reliabilities and authorities by testing the materials properties. Fine supporting system such as the academic books, information and publications fully shows highly proficiency in searching for the latest news. Meanwhile, SICCAS is responsible for the editorship of the Journal of Inorganic Materials, belonging to the Chinese Central Academic Periodicals, and being collected and quoted by the SCIE.

SICCAS has conducted academic exchanges with lots of world famous universities and scientific institutions from U.S.A., Japan, England, France, Russia, etc, in the form of mutual visit between the experts, giving lectures and research cooperation.

SICCAS has been authorized to grant Ph.D and Master Degree and to set up a circulating post-doctorate station. In recent years, SICCAS cooperates with foreign institutions from U.S.A., Canada, France, Germany, Japan, etc, having cultivated quite a few research students. Now, there are 573 graduate students working for their diplomas, including 243 Ph.D students and 330 Masters. (by 2016.11.30)

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