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Address from the Director

Materials are the substantial base to be relied for the existence and development of the human being and the motive power for guiding the development of the high and new technologies and upgrading the traditional industries as well. The material science is one of the frontier disciplines of the updated development of the science and technology and is also the applied science for satisfying the needs of the national strategy, promoting the development of the national economy as well as rising the living standards of the people. The advanced inorganic non-metallic materials are the materials being developed very quickly and with rich in research substances. The Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences has been engaged in the studies of the advanced inorganic non-metallic materials over a long period of time. At present, the research scope of this institute is mainly covered with high performance structural ceramics, special functional ceramics, synthetic crystals, special inorganic coatings, bio-medical materials as well as the approaches of the analysis and testing of the inorganic materials.

After tens of years, this institute has devoted her remarkable contributions on the basic theories and the development of the engineering and techniques as well as on the national security and national economic construction. Nowadays, in the light of the guiding principles for the new period for running the Chinese Academy of Sciences and facing the meet of the needs of the national major strategy and the development front of the global material researches, the institute has to enforce the creation steps of the primitive and new ideas, the investigations of high tech fronts as well as the creation of integrity of technics. In the same time, the institute has to develop the techniques of the crux and the generality in order to expand the industries. For the same reason, the institute has to promote the transfer of the technical achievements and make the further advances on the industrialization. The institute will make great effort to construct a fine creative cultural environment and to firmly grasp the developed opportunity of the intellectual promotive project in order to speed up the steps for the construction of the institute into the topflight institute in the world, thus making more and more contributions to the growth of the national scientific and technical undertakings, the construction of the national economy, the national security as well as the sustained development of the society.


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