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Dongsheng Yan

Academician, CAS and CAE, Dongsheng Yan

Prof. Yan, a distinguished materials scientist, was born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, in February 1918.  He received his B.S. degree and M.S. degree in 1939 and in 1941 respectively, and he got his Ph.D. degree from the University of Illinois-Urban-Champaign, USA, in 1949.  He was elected to be a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1980, member of the Third World Academy of Sciences in 1993 as well as member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering since its founding in 1994.

Now Prof. Yan is the senior advisor of CAS, honorary director of Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, CAS, and president of Chinese Chemical Society, etc.

Prof. Yan has devoted his life to the researches on high performance ceramics and material science.  He brought innovations in many fields such as the science and mechanism of high-temperature materials, the design and micro-regulation of high-temperature materials, ceramic matrix composites research, etc.  Meanwhile he focused on solving the practical problems so that he has made great achievements in the basic and applied research of the high-performance inorganic materials.

Prof. Yan is the founder of China’s inorganic material science.  Because of his achievements and devotions, he was conferred the honorary titles by many foreign universities and academic societies, and he was crowned as one of the most influential academic leaders by the international scientific community of inorganic materials.

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