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Research Facilities

We are equipped with all kinds of necessary and advanced research equipments in our area, including modified Bridgman crystal growth furnaces, TSSG single crystal growth furnaces, high temperature annealing furnaces, X-ray single crystal orientating devices, Inner-round Cutters, Machining and polishing facilities, wafer dicers, Ferroelectric poling instruments, Olympus polarized light microscope, Ar+ ion lasers and devices for measuring refractive index, Strain-Electric field measurement instruments, Polarization-Electric field measurement devices, Broad-band impedance analyzer (Schlumberger/Solartron 1260, Agilent 4285A, Agilent E4991A, HP4192A, Agilent 4294A for fast impedance measurement, Tonghui dielectric measurement devices for study on large dc bias influence, Static and dynamic pyroelectric characterization instruments, Piezoelectric coefficient d33 meter, magnetoelectric test system, cryogenic system and etc.


         Schlumberger/Solartron 1260                Agilent  E4991A

We have been equipped with the Broad-Band impedance analyzers for broad-band dielectric spectroscopy study of ferroelectric single crystal. The broad-band dielectric instrument includes two components-Schlumberger/Solartron 1260 and Agilent E4991A. Schlumberger 1260 has a test range from one-Micro-Hz to ten-Mega-Hz. Agilent E4991A has a test range from one-Mega-Hz to one-Giga-Hz. Thus, we could investigate materials using the powerful tool of dielectric spectroscopy from micro Hz to giga Hz.

HP 4192A  impedance  analyzer (1Hz-100MHz)

The equipment is very useful for common study of the dielectric properties of ferroelectric materials. It could characterize relatively fast (sweeping mode) the dielectric property in a appropriate frequency range.

Agilent 4285A impedance analyzer (75k-3M Hz)

The analyzer is used to fast determine the resonance-anti resonance property of piezoelectric single crystal  resonators for length mode, thickness mode, transverse mode and shear mode.

The 24 channel fast dielectric measurement system is lab-built using Tonghui electric-bridge. The system could determine the phase transition characteristics of 24 ferroelectric samples simultaneously in a temperature range of 25 to 100 centigrade.

The system is lab-built using Tonghui electric-bridge specially for the study of ferroelectric single crystal properties under dc bias of more than 500V and in a temperature range from 25 to 300 centigrade.

The ZJ-3A Berlincourt-type quasi-static d33 meter was purchased from Institute of Acoustics, Chinese Academy of Sciences for a fast piezoelectric measurement.

The pyroelectric measurement system was lab-built using Schlumberger voltage meter and mainly used to determine the pyroelectric performance from 25 to 150 centigrade.

GE 5077PR pulse Generator and Agilent 54622A Oscilloscoper

The system is set up to characterize the performance of  piezoelectric transducers fabricated using our  piezoelectric single crystals. It can determine the bandwidth and other pulse-echo characteristics of the fabricated transducers.

Olympus BX51-P polarized light microscope

The polarized light microscope (PLM) is very useful to observe phase and domain structure of ferroelectric single crystal. Also, it is a powerful tool to study the defects in the crystal and control the crystal quality  from an optical viewpoint.


A TF1000 measurement system (AixACCT) for systematic characterization of the ferroelectric hysteresis loops, leakage current, and fatigue measurement etc.

Self-established pyroelectric measurement system based on dynamic method for characterization of the temperature dependence of the pyroelectric coefficient.

Liquid-nitrogen bath cryostat (Oxford) providing the cryogenic condition for the characterization of the cryogenic electric properties.

Self-designed magnetic field shielding diagram with high resolution (2nT).

Self-established magnetoelectric/multiferroic measurement system for systematic characterization of frequency, ac, dc magnetic dependence of the magnetoelectric response.