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  Ferroelectric and Piezoelectric Ceramics and Device
Research Interests
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Research Interests
1.Ferroelectric PZT95/5 material

PZT95/5 ferroelectric ceramic material is a kind of lead zirconate titanate ceramic material whose Zr/Ti is about 95/5. In the ternary phase diagrams of lead zirconate titanate, it can be seen that there are abundant phases such as cubic paraelectric phase, rhombohedron ferroelectric phase and antiferroelectric phase etc. There are a lot of phase transitions between them. By using the phase transitions induced by the pressure, temperature, and electric field, it can be used for applications of explosive energy conversion, thermo-electric conversion, electro-mechanical conversion, etc.

At present, the main research interests of PZT95/5 ferroelectric ceramics include:
a.Mechanism of PZT95/5 ferroelectric ceramic material under blast wave action;
b.Preparation and properties of porous PZT95/5 ferroelectric ceramics;
c.Preparation and mechanism of PZT95/5 ferroelectric ceramic material of high dielectric breakdown properties;


2.Pyroelectric materials

Pyroelectric material is a kind of material with pyroelectric effect. Pyroelectric effect is the effect that the electric charge will be generated if the temperature of material is changed. Pyroelectric material has an extensive application . PZT and BST are the two most typical pyroelectric materials. The main research directions include:
a.Composition and properties of high performance pyroelectric ceramic (PZT, BST, PST) material;
b.Preparation technology on large size , high density pyroelectric ceramics;
c.Preparation and properties on pyroelectric film and device;


3.Phase shifter material

The dielectric constant of barium strontium titanate (BaxSr1-xTiO3,BST) materials depend on biased electric field, which varies strongly with the change of DC. Compared with the other ferroelectric materials, barium strontium titanate ceramics has the advantages of high tunability and relative low dielectric loss. In addition, its curie temperature can be adjusted by Ba/Sr component, so it can be used under different working temperature. At present, BST material is used in the microwave engineering by a variety of technology applications and generally considered to be the most prospective candidate material for microwave tuned phase-shifting device. The main research directions include:
a.Composition and properties on large size BST tunable material;
b.Preparation and properties on BST tunable film material and devices;
c.Non-linearity mechanism on BST tunable material under biased electric field;


4.Novel dielectric ceramics with high breakdown strength

Dielectric breakdown strength of dielectric materials is closely related to its energy storage density. Ceramic materials with high dielectric breakdown strength remains excellent insulation and dielectric properties and high mechanical strength under high electric field. Thus they can be used in high power laser pulse power system for energy storage and transmission components as well as the substrates, such as high power microwave, X-ray machines and so on, has important application prospect in the new generation of electric power systems and pulsed power technology.

Research Interests:
(1) The composition design of novel ceramic materials with high dielectric breakdown strength
(2) The fabrication of large-size and high dense dielectric ceramics
(3) The mechanism of dielectric breakdown

5. High-temperature piezoelectric material and devices

High-temperature piezoelectric material generally refers to the piezoelectric material which can work stably above 300℃, it is a key element of high-temperature piezoelectric sensor. Now it is widely used in the detecting and controlling systems of high temperature in metallurgy, shipping, chemical engineering, etc,. Bismuth layer-structure and BS-PT piezoelectric ceramics are two typical kinds of new high-temperature piezoelectric materials. The main research directions include:

a. Composition and properties on high-temperature piezoelectric material;
b. Preparation on high Tc piezoelectric ceramic material, conductive mechanism under high temperature and properties of heat depolarized;


6.Piezoelectric accelerometer

Piezoelectric accelerometers are a kind of active electromechanical transducers, which utilize the piezoelectric effect of the piezoelectric ceramic and crystals, i.e. the proportional charges will be generated on their surface when the piezoelectric materials are forced. It can be used to measure the vibration parameter acceleration. Piezoelectric accelerometers are now widely used to monitor the running condition of facilities in lots of engineering fields, e.g. automobile, oil exploration, etc. The main research directions including:
a.High temperature piezoelectric accelerometer;
b.Normal temperature piezoelectric accelerometer of high performance;