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Prof. Martin Nikl from Czech Academy of Sciences visited Shanghai Institute of Ceramics

Update time:2015-08-24
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Supported by Chinese Academy of Sciences and invited by Prof. Yubai Pan, Prof. Martin Nikl visited Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (SICCAS) during the period from July 5th to August 3rd, 2015. During his visit in SICCAS, both Chinese and Czech sides reached the consensus for long-time collaboration and inter-government project application in the field of opto-functional transparent ceramics.

An award ceremony of the CAS visiting professorships for senior international scientists was held on July 23th. Mr. Tianhou He, the head of HR department presided over the ceremony. Prof. Lixin Song, director of SICCAS, presented the certificate to Prof. Martin Nikl and delivered welcome remarks. Prof. Jiang Li introduced Prof. Martin Nikl’s the research backgrounds and achievements.

After the ceremony, Prof. Martin Nikl gave the lecture entitled “Recent R&D trends in inorganic single crystal scintillator materials for radiation detection”. He described the major achievements and the R&D trends in the field of single crystal scintillator materials in the last decades. Two material families are included, namely those of halide and oxide compounds. In most cases, the host crystals are doped by Ce3+, Pr3+ or Eu2+ rare earth ions. Their spin- and parity-allowed 5d-4f transitions enable a rapid scintillation response, on the order of tens to hundreds of nanoseconds. Technological recipes, extended characterization by means of optical and magnetic spectroscopies and theoretical studies are described. The latter provide further support to experimental results and provide better understanding of the host electronic band structure, energy levels of specific defects and the emission centers themselves. The scientific researchers and graduate students including Pof. Yubai Pan, Prof. Xiqi Feng, Prof. Qian Liu, Prof. Guohao Ren, Prof. Jiang Li, etc. in SICCAS had hot discussions with Prof. Martin Nikl. This seminar is one of the Series of activities held by the Key Laboratory of Transparent Opto-functional Inorganic Materials, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences is a public research institute, oriented on the fundamental and applied research in physics. The founder of the institute is The Czech Academy of Sciences. The present research programme of the Institute comprises five branches of physics: particle physics, the physics of condensed matter, solid state physics, optics and plasma physics. Prof. Martin Nikl currently serves as the department head and vice-director for targeted research in Institute of Physics, Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic. His research interests include luminescence and scintillation mechanism in wide band-gap solids, energy transfer processes and role of material defects in them. He is the coordinator and participant in about 30 domestic and 10 international projects so far in the field of scintillation materials. He is author and co-author of more than 600 papers in the refereed impacted international journals and six chapters in books. He has been authored and co-authored 38 invited keynote and plenary lectures at International Conferences. His publications received more than 6800 citations (Scopus, auto-citations excluded), Hirsch factor, H=49.


Prof. Lixin Song, director of SICCAS conferred the CAS visiting professorships for senior international scientists’ certificate to Prof. Martin Nikl

Mr. Tianhou He, the head of HR department presided over the ceremony

Prof. Martin Nikl gave a lecture

Group photo with Prof. Martin Nikl-1

Group photo with Prof. Martin Nikl-2