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9th Asian Meeting on Ferroelectricity and 9th Asian Meeting on Electroceramics (AMF-AMEC-2014) Joint International Conference Successfully Held in Shanghai

Update time:2014-11-17
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The joint international conference of 9th Asian Meeting on Ferroelectricity and 9th Asian Meeting on Electroceramics (AMF-AMEC-2014) was successfully held from Oct. 26th to 30th, 2014 in Shanghai. The conference was organized by Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (SICCAS), and co-organized by Nanjing University and Tongji University. Prof. LI Yongxiang from SICCAS and Prof. CHEN Yanfeng from Nanjing University are the general chairs of the conference. Prof. GUO Jingkun, academician of CAS, Prof. SONG Lixin, director of SICCAS, and Prof. YANG Jianhua, deputy director of SICCAS, attended the opening ceremony of the conference. Prof. SONG Lixin gave the welcome speech. He expressed his warmest congratulations to the conference and sincere welcome to all the participants from China and abroad. The conference attracted more than 712 attendees, including 414 students and 298 regular participants. They were from Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, Chinese Taipei, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, India, Malaysia, United States, France, Germany, Russia, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and other countries and regions. Twenty companies and publishers took part in the exhibitions of the conference.

The first Asian Meeting on Ferroelectricity (AMF-1), initiated by Prof. YAO Xi, was held in Xi’an China in 1995. Then the meeting was successively held in Singapore, Hong Kong SAR, India, Japan, Chinese Taipei, Korea and Thailand. The first and second Asian Meeting on Electroceramics (AMEC) were held in Japan in 2000 and 2001, and then in Singapore, China, Thailand, Japan, Korea, and Malaysia respectively. The AMF-AMEC-2014 was held in Mainland China for the first time by jointing AMF and AMEC together.

There were 4 plenary lectures, 102 invited talks, 186 oral presentations and 396 posters presented during the conference. The topics covered a very wide areas: 1) Ferroelectric, Relaxor Materials: Phase Transition & Critical Phenomena; 2) Piezoelectrics and Applications: Transducers, Actuators, MEMS, NEMS, SAW etc.; 3) Microwave Dielectrics, Ceramic Integration, Packaging; 4) Thin/Thick Films, Multilayer Electronic Ceramics (MLCC, LTCC, etc.; 5) Energy-related Applications: Battery, LED, SOFC, Solar Cells, and Energy Harvesting Devices; 6) Multiferroic and Magnetic Materials; 7) Composites, Multiphase, and Nanostructured Electroceramics; 8) Lead-free piezoelectrics: design, MPB, PPT; 9) Single Crystal Growth, Texturing, Ceramic Processing; 10) Advances in Microstructure Characterization: Synchrotron X-ray, Neutron Scattering, PFM, MFM etc.; 11) Memory Applications: High-k Dielectrics, FeRAM, RRAM, etc.; 12) Theories: First Principles Calculations, Monte-Carlo Simulations, Phase-Field Simulations; 13) Novel Phenomena in Oxide Interfaces and Heterostuctures; 14) Domains and Switching Dynamics; 15) Electroceramic Sensors: NTC & PTC, Varistors, Humidity and Chemical Sensors etc.; 16) Special Symposium on Frontiers in Dielectric and Ferroelectric Materials.

In the meantime, 20 students were rewarded Excellent Student Awards, and 20 students were rewarded Excellent Poster Awards, who are from Mainland China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Canada, India and Chinese Taipei.

Many world renowned experts, including Prof. YAO Xi, Prof. ZHU Jing, Prof. NAN Cewen, Prof. Ahmad Safari, Prof. Nava Setter, Prof. Takaaki Tsurumi and Prof. Vladimir Shur et al., gave the invited talks at the Special Symposium on Frontiers in Dielectric and Ferroelectric Materials, which arose participants’ great interests and vigorous discussions.

The AME-AMEC-2014 exerted significance in strengthening exchanges and cooperations between domestic and foreign counterparts, as well as further promoting the fundamental studies on ferroelectrics and technological development on electroceramics and their applications. The organizing work has achieved a great success, and was recognized as a key stone in the annals of this joint conference.

Welcome speech delivered by Prof. SONG Lixin (Director of SICCAS)

Opening ceremony chaired by Prof. LI Yongxiang (General Chair of AMF-AMEC-2014)

Audiences at the plenary lectures


Plenary lectures by Prof. Xue (Tsinghua Uni) and Mr. Saito (Fujitsu) 


Plenary lectures by Prof. Randall (Penn State) and Prof. Rödel (TU Darmstadt) 


The ceremony of the Excellent Student Awards


The ceremony of the Students Excellent Poster Awards