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Shanghai Institute of ceramics successfully hosted the first workshop on Garnet and Multicomponent Ceramic Scintillators (WGMCS-1)

Update time:2014-07-04
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The first workshop on Garnet and Multicomponent Ceramic Scintillators (WGMCS-1) was held in Shanghai Institute of ceramics Chinese Academy of Sciences (SICCAS) on June 22-24, 2014. The workshop was hosted by Key Laboratory of Transparent Opto-functional Inorganic Materials of Chinese Academy of Science, Prof. Yubai Pan from SICCAS as the chairman, Prof. Martin Nikl from Institute of Physics Czech Republic and Prof. Mauro Fasoli from University of Milano–Bicocca as the co-chairmen. Around 30 participants from China, United States, Czech, Italy, Japan, Poland, Switzerland, Estonia, and Thailand attended this workshop.

On behalf of SICCAS, Prof. Jianhua Yang, the deputy director of SICCAS, gave the welcome address. He expressed warmly welcome to all the participants. Prof. Yang also reviewed the development of scintillator materials in SICCAS, and expected that this workshop could promote the exchanges and collaborations between the researchers at home and abroad on scintillator materials study, and enhance the basic and applied research in this field.

As a small high level workshop with specific subject, only invited talks were included, and totally 18 talks were presented by the representatives from Institute of Physics Czech republic, University of Milano -Bicocca, Tohoky University, Scintillator materials research center at the university of Tennessee, ETH Zürich Switzerland, Institute of High Energy Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tongji university and SICCAS, etc. The topics focus on the latest development and progress of fabrication technology, luminescence mechanisms and applications on the scintillator materials with garnet structure, mechanisms of ionizing radiation conversion and optical properties of scintillators, design of novel scintillation materials including theoretical and computational investigations, development, design and potential application of novel detectors.

SICCAS gave 3 talks during the workshop, the co-doping effect on Ce4+ ions and luminescence process, as well as the study on defects, arising the extensive attention of the participants. The agreement between China, Czech Republic, Italy, Switzerland and Thailand has been reached to setup and/or strengthen multilateral collaborations.

All the participants contributed to a successful and fruitful workshop. The chairmen, Prof. Yubai Pan, as well as the co-chairmen, Prof. Martin Nikl and Prof. Maruo Fasoli, agreed that the workshop will be hosted annually by turns in future.

Prof. Jianhua Yang,the deputy director of SICCAS, gave the welcome address



Group of the participants