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ICCG-16 was successfully held in Beijing

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August 9th to 13th 2010, The 16th International Conference on Crystal Growth, in conjunction to the 14th International Conference on Vapor Growth and Epitaxy was held in Beijing International Convention Center, which is located in Beijing Olympic Park constructed for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games.  The conference was organized by Chinese Association for Crystal Growth under the supervision of International Organization of Crystal Growth, and was sponsored by Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Science Foundation and Chinese Ceramic Society.

The International Conference on Crystal Growth (ICCG) has a history of 44 years, and was held every three years since the first conference in Boston in 1966, and ICCG Beijing 2010, was the first time for this conference to be held in the developing countries.

The conference slogan of “Crystal Growth: For Curiosity and Utility; from Art to Science”, fully reflects the intention of ICCG, and the conference ideally provides a forum for the presentations and discussion of new developments in crystal growth and technology. For ICCG-16, there were more than 600 oral presentations and over 800 poster presentations received, more than 1100 participants were attracted to Beijing for this activity, and over 600 of them were from overseas. 

The 16 sessions of ICCG-16 included not only crystal growth theory, bulk crystal growth, the film growth and epitaxy, crystal growth under extreme conditions, industrial crystallization, but also included nanomaterial, protein crystal growth, and new developments in wide gap semiconductors. Furthermore, Session 7, “the growth of scintillating, ferroelectric, piezoelectric and muti-functional crystal”, was organized by Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, and 110 abstracts were received for this session. 

On the opening ceremony, Renwei Zhang, the president of Chinese Ceramic Society, and Alexander A. Chernov, the chairman of ICCG delivered the opening address. Academician Chuangtian Chen, Prof. Eicke R. Weber, Prof. Thomas Kuech, Prof. Akinori Koukitu and Academician Shining Zhu gave the plenary lectures on opening ceremony, and the Frank Prize, Laudise Prize and Schieber Prize winners gave plenary presentations on the closing ceremony as well.

During ICCG-16, an industrial exhibition was organized by Shanghai Ceramic Society, 46 exhibitors, including 18 foreign exhibitors from eight countries, exhibited their products such as single crystals, ultra pure raw materials, manufacturing, processing and testing equipments, and mathematical simulation software related to the crystal growth, etc. SICCAS High Tech Corporation designed and participated this exhibition on behalf of Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, and this exhibition attracted many visitors, including President Renwei Zhang and General Secretary Zhanping Jin of Chinese Ceramic Society, the chairman and Academician Chuangtian Chen and General Secretary Jiyang Wang of ICCG-16 as well.

Next conference of ICCG, the 17th would be held in Warsaw University of Poland in three years.

ICCG-16 held in Beijing from August 9th to 13th

Renwei Zhang, the president of Chinese Ceramic Society, gave a speech on the opening ceremony

A. A. Chernov, the chairman of the International Crystal Association, gave a speech on the opening ceremony

Chuangtian Chen, the chairman of ICCG-16, gave a plenary presentation

Session 7, growth of scintillating, ferroelectric, piezoelectric and muti-functional crystal, organized by Shanghai Institute of Ceramics

Participants on the poster and exhibition hall

Chuangtian Chen, the chairman of ICCG-16, was visiting the exhibition booth of Shanghai Institute of Ceramics