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SICCAS Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Update time:2009-10-28
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On October 16, 2009, SICCAS was painting the campuses red and flying the flags in honor of the 50th anniversary of her separately founding.  More than 300 people attended the celebrations.

Chen Zhili, vice chairwoman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, China's top legislature, delivered a keynote speech at the gathering.  She said, SICCAS should set her foot on national significant strategic demands, broaden her horizon into latest development of international materials science, and finally make more contributions to national economy and defenses, as well as China’s sustainable development.

Han Zheng, mayor of the Shanghai municipal government, on behalf of Shanghai municipal government and committee, sent his warmest congratulations to all the colleagues of SICCAS.

SICCAS was originated from the Engineering Institute of National Central Academy, founded in 1928.  In 1959, the Institute of Metallurgy and Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences was separated into two independent institutes, to which the ceramic part was reformed as Shanghai Institute of Ceramic Chemistry and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and then was renamed as Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (SICCAS) since the year of 1984.

At present, the research scopes of SICCAS focus on the science and engineering of advance inorganic materials, specifically including artificial crystals, high performance structural ceramics, special functional ceramics, inorganic coatings, bio-medical materials, energy materials and composites as well as the approaches of the analysis and testing of the inorganic materials. SICCAS now has one state key laboratory, three CAS key laboratories, one key scientific research base of state administration of cultural heritage and three research centers.  In addition, she has three technical supporting centers including Inorganic Materials Analysis and Testing Center, Library and Information Center and R&D Center for industrialization of research achievements and hi-tech production.

In the past 50 years, amount of 780 research achievements were accomplished and about 400 items owned the scientific and technical awards from national, Chinese Academy of Sciences as well as ministries or provinces.  Among them, 6 achievements were conferred with National Natural Science Prize, 26 with National Invention Prize, and 13 with National Science and Technology Advanced Prize.  More over, SICCAS has applied for about 800 patents with 400 granted.