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Newly Cooperative Partner Group between MPI for Chemical Physics of Solids and SICCAS Officially Established

Update time:2006-08-23
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On August 3rd, the ceremony of establishment of two cooperative partner groups between Chinese Academy of Sciences and Max Planck Society of Germany was held in CAS Shanghai Branch. Prof. Yongxiang Lu, Vice Chairman of the NPC Standing Committee and President of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Prof. Dr. Peter Gruss, President of Max Planck Society attended the ceremony and delivered ardent speeches. Prof. Mianheng Jiang, Vice President of Chinese Academy of Sciences, as well as other leaders from CAS Bureau of Foreign Affairs and CAS Shanghai Branch were also present at the ceremony. Prof. Jingtai Zhao from SICCAS was appointed as director of the partner group of Molecular Design and Exploration, and Prof. Xiaohu Yang from CAS Astronomical Observatory was appointed as director of the other partner group.
The cooperative relationship between Chinese Academy of Sciences and Max Planck Society of Germany has sustained over 30 years. In order to accelerate reform of scientific research system and cultivation of young academic leader of Chinese Academy of Sciences, CAS has introduced the pattern of Young Scientists Group from MPS since 1990s, which has proved to be positive and beneficial to  talent cultivation and academic progress.


Prof. Jingtai Zhao of SICCAS has conducted rewarding cooperation with MPI for Chemical Physics of Solids since 1999 and jointly published dozens of papers. The cooperation has covered joint training of students, personnel exchange and resource sharing. Now the official establishment of the partner group will bring the cooperation to a new phase so as to bring up more scientific talent and achieve more significant scientific progress.
During MPS delegation’s visit to SICCAS, the partner group has successfully conducted a seminar as the first formal academic activity. Prof. Y. Grin, Director of MPI for Chemical Physics of Solids, Prof. R. Kniep, Dr. Yaxi Huang, Prof. Hongjie Luo, Director of SICCAS, Prof. Jingtai Zhao, and doctoral candidate Ying Liang had a warm discussion reviewing history and achievements of their cooperation and looking to the future prospect of better cooperation. Furthermore, the partner group has invited International Advisory Committee Members, including Prof. S. Sevov from Notre Dame University of the USA, Prof. Jianhua Lin, Vice President of Beijing University, and Prof. B. Harbrecht from Marburg University of Germany, to deliver high-level academic presentations. The seminar was ardent and active with rewarding discussion of the two parties on scientific forefront issues and science development direction.

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